Morgan County Moments

Not sure what to expect from a visit to Morgan County? Don't worry - we'll fill you in! 

Morgan County Moments is our destination blog focusing on great things for you to see, do and experience in our friendly small towns. Below, you'll find first-hand experiences as well as information on upcoming events. Hopefully, you'll be inspired to plan your own Morgan County Moments! 

Morgan County's Busiest Weekend?

We all have those weekends. You know the ones - when there's so much going on you just don't know how you'll get to everything? Morgan County has that problem every year in mid-September. Did I say problem? Well, I wouldn't really call it a…

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Dust Bowl 100 Registration is Open

Bicyclists from around the Midwest are planning their summer rides, including the Dust Bowl 100. What's that, you say? Well, the Dust Bowl 100 is Indiana's only gravel century ride, held in Morgan and Putnam Counties. Participants can choose from…

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Morgan County Loves Local!

Show your love for all things local, including locally owned businesses! If you've been looking for additional ways to support local businesses, here's your opportunity! A partnership made up of Morgan County organizations has created a new…

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Fun Fall Runs (and Walks!)

If you love being active, fall weather is perfect to get outdoors and run! Here's a quick list of fun 5K and 10K running events, plus a mini-marathon and an obstacle race! Any (or all) of these events will get you moving in the great outdoors in…

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Top Events in September

Labor Day weekend is upon us, and with it the symbolic end of summer. That means we're about to start seeing slightly cooler mornings and evenings, perfect for farmer markets and festivals, but still-warm afternoons for outdoor exploration and…

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