Friendly Small Towns

There are a number of small towns located within Morgan County - each with their own unique stories to discover! From the county seat of Martinsville to the tiny hamlet of Eminence, and every place in between – Morgan County’s small towns welcome you to come explore our beautiful, scenic corner of Indiana. Below, you'll find additional information about each of Morgan County's small towns, including what they're known for, local highlights you shouldn't miss and more! 


The City of Martinsville serves as the county seat and is home to a largely pre-Civil War downtown commercial district.


The home of the Indiana State Flag (and Zydeco's Cajun), Mooresville is the second largest community in Morgan County.


Near the northern county line, Monrovia is a quintessential small town that's perfectly poised for future growth.


Located in the northeast corner of the county, Morgantown is at the crossroads of Morgan, Johnson and Brown Counties.


Southwest of Martinsville, the tiny town of Paragon is home to the historic Paragon Speedway.


Between Martinsville and Mooresville, Brooklyn is home to the Centerbrook Drive-in, Brooklyn STEM Academy and more.


A tiny community on the western edge of Morgan County, Eminence serves as home based for the annual Dust Bowl 100 Bicycle…