Known For:

Laid out as a community in 1855, Eminence is known as a small town that's big on community! The local school corporation is notably still independent, serving an approximate total of 350 students in grades K-12, which makes it one of the smallest in the state. Eminence Schools serve as the hub of the small, close knit community along with the A&A Volunteer Fire Barn, where several local events are based. Also known as the birthplace of basketball coach Glenn Curtis, who coached at Indiana State University and nearby Martinsville High School. 

Must See Spots:

Eminence Post Office Mural
The post office in Eminence has been in continuous operation since 1857, shortly after the community was founded. It is now home to a notable mural featuring the common rural scene of a rural mailbox at the end of a long gravel drive. 

Eminence Schools
Along with the Adams and Ashland Volunteer Fire Department's local Fire Barn, Eminence Schools serves as home base for several locally based events in the Eminence area. From local movie nights to the annual Harvest Days Celebration to the launching point for the annual Dust Bowl 100, Indiana's first gravel Century Ride that covers rural routes in both Morgan and Putnam Counties, Eminence Schools is truly the heart of this tiny rural community. 

Dust Bowl 100

Traversing the wide open farm fields, century old bridges, and wooded creek valleys of west-central…