Outdoor Activities

Morgan County's history has been forged, in great part, on the natural resources and characteristics of the area. To fully understand that, we must go back in time to the Ice Ages. Because of the Ice Age glaciers, and where they stopped, Indiana is home to two distinct types of landscapes. The plains of the north are flat, with seemingly endless fields of corn. In contrast, the landscape of southern Indiana is hilly with great stands of forests, on land that was shaped not by ice, but by the great floods caused by melting ice.

Nowhere are these differences more evident than right here in Morgan County, making it the perfect place to enjoy hiking and other outdoor adventures. It's easy to visually see the significance of the glacial boundaries - the northern and eastern edges of Morgan County are relatively flat, and looking southward, you can easily see the "Martinsville Hills" indicating exactly where those ancient glaciers stopped and the beautiful rolling hills of Southern Indiana begin. 

Because of this prehistory, the area possesses beautiful, lush rolling hills and majestic woodlands. When combined with the plentiful water from rivers and streams, this area became very attractive to early settlers. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, mineral springs gave rise to several spas that were frequented by visitors from around the world and gave Martinsville the name "City of Mineral Water." Today, our natural resources and recreation options are plentiful, providing enjoyment to residents and visitors alike, and include many hiking options, horseback riding and even paintball!