Brooklyn, Indiana is located between Martinsville and Mooresville, just off of State Road 67. The town's population is just over 1,500 and the town lies adjacent to White Lick Creek, which flows into the White River just south of town. 

Known For:

Established in 1854, the town was most likely named after Brooklyn, New York. The local elementary school has received recognition in recent years as a popular STEM Academy, attracting children from out of district to attend. A historic home and dairy farm, the Franklin-Landers-Black and Adams Farm, once served the town's needs as well as the nearby Bethany Park Resort, a historic vacation spot just to the south. The farm is now on the National Register of Historic Places and its distinctive farmhouse and dairy barn serve as local landmarks. The town's local diner serves as a gathering place for locals and visitors alike. 

Must See Spots:

Brooklyn Kids Park
Filled with fun play equipment, the Brooklyn Kids Park is a popular spot for kids of all ages and is connected to the Brooklyn Elementary STEM Academy property by a footbridge over White Lick Creek . It's also the site of several local events, including the town's annual Fourth of July Celebration. 

Centerbrook Drive-in
Located just south of Brooklyn, this historic drive-in's name is the combination of two nearby locations - Brooklyn and Centerton, a neighboring unincorporated settlement. Showing two movies for the price of one from May through October, Centerbrook is the perfect nostalgic family activity!