Morgan County Moments

Not sure what to expect from a visit to Morgan County? Don't worry - we'll fill you in! 

Morgan County Moments is our destination blog focusing on great things for you to see, do and experience in our friendly small towns. Below, you'll find first-hand experiences as well as information on upcoming events. Hopefully, you'll be inspired to plan your own Morgan County Moments! 

Top Events in November

The temperatures are falling and flurries are flying! November is here, and with it lots of holiday cheer can be found in this month's list of top events around Morgan County. From craft and vendor fairs to handmade candy canes, get your holiday…

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In the Spotlight: The Sterling Butterfly

Pam Hurst, a Martinsville-based artisan who creates stunning jewelry pieces, is enjoying another turn in the celebrity-filled spotlight. Her new Neptunian collection was unveiled this week at an open house and launch party hosted at The Sterling…

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