'Tis the season... the season of Lent, that is, which means many will be looking for red meat-free meals on Fridays between now and Easter Sunday. Whether you're observing Lent, or just looking for some tasty vegetarian or pescatarian friendly dining options, here's our handy list of the best places to find red meat-free meals in Morgan County. 

21 North Eatery & Cellar
Downtown Martinsville's newest eatery offers up vegetarian options every day including some of their yummy soups, a fantastic veggie burger (seriously, everyone likes it) and, our personal favorite, the fish and chips. Keep an eye on dinner specials as well for seafood options like shrimp, scallops and salmon. Don't forget about their salads - you can always get them topped with grilled salmon! 

A1 Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar
Fresh sushi is always a great option when you're trying to avoid red meat, and A1 has some of the tastiest in Indiana! Salads, edamame and a variety of tofu based offerings make this a very happy place for veggie lovers. 

Brothers on 39
This locally owned eatery serves up a great fish sandwich as well as some tasty fried veggie side dishes (fried mushrooms, zucchini, cheese fries, onion rings and mozzarella sticks to name a few). If you're a salad fan, be sure to check out their Greek salad - it's a favorite with their regular customers! 

Come N Git It Diner
Yes, they're known for comfort food of the "meat 'n potatoes" variety, however Come N Git It has a few things that will surprise you! Their fish is always good, whether you choose catfish or cod, and their salads are HUGE! Don't miss the cheesy, melty grilled cheese and their multiple breakfast options (yes, even for dinner) - the French toast is scrumptious. 

Dawg House Pizza
Pizza is always a winner for meatless options to please the whole family - pile it high with veggies, go with mushroom or enjoy a classic cheese pizza. Dawg House Pizza always hits the spot! 

Gray Brothers Cafeteria
Cafeterias are a great place to eat when you have certain types of food to avoid. You can choose whatever you like! Gray's offers a fish option pretty much every day, and you can always go with a veggie focused plate and skip the entree altogether if you'd like!

Main Street Grill
Yes, this is the place known for great steak and pork tenderloin... but trust us. They also have a fabulous fish sandwich and their hand-breaded mushrooms qualify as meatless as well! Also watch for nightly specials to choose from. 

Morgan's Corner Cafe
Now open for dinner as well as lunch, Morgan's Corner Cafe is known for catfish Fridays! (Go early - they've been known to run out!) They also have a shrimp po'boy and a shrimp and calamari basket. 

Tomato Pie Pizza Joint
Again, you just can't go wrong with pizza. Veggie or cheese - it's sure to please everyone at your dinner table. Don't miss the tasty garlic breadsticks as well - we aren't sure exactly what all they put in that garlic butter, but we're pretty sure it's addictive!

This relatively new addition in Paragon serves up great home-cooked meals, including a fish sandwich and a fish and shrimp dinner, making it a Lenten-friendly choice.  

The Waffle Whitch
Several of the handcrafted soups at the Waffle Whitch are meat free and they make a pretty amazing grilled cheese panini, a cheese pizza whitch, and do not miss the spinach whitch with pesto and feta! (The younger observers of Lent will appreciate their BP&J whitch, too.)

Zydeco's Cajun
Known for their catfish, both fried and blackened, as well as other fun seafood options such as shrimps, crawfish and oysters, Zydeco's is a great option for a special meal during Lent. Thankfully, their amazing bread and house dressing qualifies, too!