Morgan County Moments

Not sure what to expect from a visit to Morgan County? Don't worry - we'll fill you in! 

Morgan County Moments is our destination blog focusing on great things for you to see, do and experience in our friendly small towns. Below, you'll find first-hand experiences as well as information on upcoming events. Hopefully, you'll be inspired to plan your own Morgan County Moments! 

10-Must-Have Flavors of Fall

Each season features it's own unique sights, sounds and yes, even tastes. It's one of the highlights of living in the Midwest - we get to experience all four seasons in all their glory. We're even willing to put up with the cold, snowy winter weather…

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2021 Paragon Homecoming Festival

Paragon may be a small town, but they know how to put on a BIG party! This year marks the 96th year of the town's annual Homecoming Celebration, which features games, activities, live music, a parade and more. Don't let the name fool you - yes, it's…

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Carnival of Cars rolls into Martinsville

The Carnival of Cars: Midwest Edition is set to roll into Martinsville again for it's second year! This year's event will take place at the Morgan County Fairgrounds on Saturday, August 21, bringing a wide variety of cars, from classics to newer…

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