If you’re an avid golfer, there’s no need to leave the clubs at home during your visit to Morgan County, Indiana! The golf experiences you’ll find in Morgan County can probably be best described as “unexpected.” Morgan County’s four golf facilities take full advantage of the area’s diverse soils and rolling hills – a result of the halt of glacier movement thousands of years ago – to create beautifully textured, rolling courses just waiting on you to tee off!

In the northern part of the county, near Mooresville, Eagle Pines Golf Club and Heartland Crossing Golf Links await. Further south, Foxcliff Golf Club is located just north of Martinsville and don’t miss meeting a golf legend at the Martinsville Golf Club! Co-owner Sam Carmichael’s parents came to the area to run the Martinsville Golf Club in 1933. Nearly 40 years late, after a successful career on the PGA Tour, Sam and his wife would return to operate the historic course alongside his brother, Ron.