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Old Town Park at Waverly

Old Town Park at Waverly will be formally dedicated in September, 2016. The site, located along the White River, has a tremendous history that is being carefully incorporated into Morgan County's newest County Park. At one time, this Morgan County Park site’s history included a bid at being the state capital. At its high point, the community was a landing along the canal which fed three different mills. At its low point in 2008, flooding destroyed the last community to call historic Waverly home. This Waverly Park plan recognizes each of these phases of Waverly’s history. It aims to restore the functions of the floodplain, protect the remaining historic resources and create abiding features that will remind us of what has come to pass on this site. Waverly Park in Morgan County educates about our built and natural worlds, and it is a place for the community to connect to the environments of the past, present and future. Remnants of the historic town of Waverly - including a church, former bank building and old blacksmith shop - are being incorporated into the facility, allowing visitors to trace the roots of the county. Eventually, the three span Waverly Covered Bridge will be rebuilt to become a pedestrian bridge. The 55-acre park will feature access to the White River, shelters, a mural wall, picnic areas, wetland areas and more in addition to the historic attractions.

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