It's finally outdoor concert season! Is there anything better than relaxing with friends as you enjoy great music and beautiful surroundings? Only one thing - when it's free! Here's the scoop on upcoming outdoor concerts throughout Morgan County this live music season (May through October). There are three outdoor concert series taking place this summer, plus a few stand-alone events courtesy of area festivals.

Let's start with the Drink at the Creek Concert Series, hosted by Cedar Creek Winery, Brewery and Distillery - this free series of concerts kicks off in May and features a different performer each month until October, when they welcome FIVE bands to cap off the series with the winery's big anniversary party. We're talking about music you'll love to sing along with - there are a number of tribute bands featured, including those who pay homage to Journey, Billy Joel and Pink Floyd, plus the Woomblies Rock Orchestra and several regional acts. Concerts are free, but there is a $10 charge per car for parking (so pick the friend with the largest vehicle to be your driver for the evening). 

Next up is the brand new Bicentennial Park Concert Series. Not only is the concert series new to Mooresville, the park itself is new! Located right in the heart of Mooresville, within walking distance of some of our favorite local eateries, there will be two free concerts each month from June through September. Featured regional artists will include Wong Side of Dixie, Jennie Devoe, Random Reaction, 8 Track Mind and more. No charge for the concert and there is free parking available within easy walking distance of the park. 

Willowfield Lavender Farm will also host free concerts again this summer, featuring Davis and Devitt, Doug Henthorn and Wilson and Company. These are laid back concerts amid the farm's fragrant purple lavender blooms. Bring your lawn chairs, blankets and even a picnic if you'd like! Nearby Mallow Run Winery will be on site with wine available to purchase by the glass or bottle and Willowfield will also have their signature lavender teas and cookies for sale. Concerts are 6-9 pm. All ages welcome, $5 per person.  

Here are specific dates for these free concert series as well as concerts hosted by Artie Fest, the Morgan County Fair and the YMCA's Eat to the Beat event. Be sure to watch our calendar for upcoming shows at area indoor venues as well, including The Main Street Stage, 21 North Eatery & Cellar, Ralph & Ava's Cafe, Zydeco's Cajun and more. 

Outdoor Concert Dates: 

May 26 – Resurrection & Fancy Sauce - Cedar Creek Winery, Brewery & Distillery


June 9 – Wrong Side of Dixie – Bicentennial Park

June 23 – Bigg Country - Cedar Creek Winery, Brewery & Distillery

June 23 – Ride That Train – Bicentennial Park

June 30 – Davis & Devitt – Willowfield Lavender Farm


July 7 – An Innocent Band - Cedar Creek Winery, Brewery & Distillery

July 13 – Jake Dodds – Artie Fest

July 14 – Jennie Devoe – Bicentennial Park

July 21 – Doug Henthorn – Willowfield Lavender Farm

July 27 – Joe Nichols, Sara Evans, Bigg Country – Morgan County Fairgrounds

July 28 – Kim Renner – Bicentennial Park 


August 11 – Rebels of the Sun – Bicentennial Park

August 11 – Wilson & Company – Willowfield Lavender Farm

August 25  - Atom Heart Mother - Cedar Creek Winery, Brewery & Distillery

August 25 – Random Reaction – Bicentennial Park

August 25 – Eat to the Beat – 3 Bands – Morgan County Fairgrounds

August 29 - September 3 - Paragon Homecoming Festival


September 7-9 - Monrovia Festival

September 8 – 8 Track Mind - Bicentennial Park

September 22 - The Woomblies Rock Orchestra - Cedar Creek Winery, Brewery & Distillery

September 22 – Spank and Mickey - Bicentennial Park


October 6 – Tastes Like Chicken – Bigg Country – Split Rail – Blue River – Pure Country – Cedar Creek Winery, Brewery & Distillery