As we head toward our annual Thanksgiving celebration, which often centers on a well-laid table of incredible edible options, of course our local FOOD options come to mind! Morgan County is beyond blessed with fabulous locally-owned dining options. We’ll detail a few of our favorites below, organized by town. (NOTE: For a complete list of restaurants, please see our restaurant page.) 


Bynum’s Steakhouse – 25 Sunnyside Drive 
Amazing steak, tasty French onion soup, no frills salad and a baked potato. That’s exactly what you’ll find at this Martinsville restaurant tradition.  

Come ‘n Git It – 96 W. Main Street 
Home cookin’ at its finest! Come ‘n Git It is open for lunch Tuesday through Friday and dinner (until 7 pm) on Thursday and Friday. May I recommend the burger, or a breaded chicken sandwich?  

JK’s Cheesecake Café & Coffee – 110 E. Morgan Street 
A wonderful place for a lunch meeting with friends or business associates. Always fresh, the daily specials are varied and the cheesecake is amazing! 

Los Reyes – 72 East Morgan Street 
Authentic Mexican flavors abound at this downtown restaurant. Carlos and his friendly staff are super helpful and the food is amazing. A favorite with my family is the Pollo Los Reyes – and it’s big enough to share! 

Sgt. Pepper’s Chicken – 2028 Burton Lane 
Fried chicken at its finest. Sgt. Peppers is a family favorite with friendly staff and crispy, crunchy chicken, chips and even a great tenderloin. My six-year-old would also want me to tell you they’ve got cookies as big as his head! 


Gray Brothers Cafeteria - 555 S. Indiana Street
A given when you're talking about great food, Gray Brothers specialties include fried chicken, roast beef, a host of side dishes and a large variety of tasty pies! 

Hong Kong - 340 S. Indiana Street
Family owned and operated, this authentic Chinese spot is a favorite with MY family. This is not a buffet, so plan to each get something different and share!  

Ralph & Ava's Cafe - 6 w. Main Street
This cute cafe provides an amazing atmosphere and incredible food and service to go along with it. I recommend a pretzel melt or the French dip. They have a great craft beer selection, too!

Squealers Barbeque Grill - 390 E. High Street
The original Squealers offers amazing southern-style BBQ. On our last visit, my family discovered the joy of the Smokin' Pit Sampler, thanks to our friendly server! 

Zydeco's Cajun Actual -  11 E. Main Street
You'll think you've been transported to Louisiana. Chef Carter Hutchinson and his wife Deb have truly recreated that unique Cajun experience right here in Morgan County. In my experience, everything is awesome (really - I can't pick a favorite)! 


Café on the Corner – 200 W. Main Street 
A quick, casual lunch just doesn’t get much better than what you’ll find at Café on the Corner. The tenderloin is a favorite, and the fries and onion rings are both tasty side items.

Dawg House Pizza – 160 W. Main Street 
Named in homage to the Monrovia Bulldogs, Dawg House Pizza is a local tradition, with a fabulously tasty pizza pie. Pick your favorite toppings and enjoy! 

Main Street Grill – 220 W. Main Street 
One of my favorite dinner spots – I simply can’t recommend the breaded tenderloin here enough, or the prime rib featured on Friday and Saturdays. Don’t forget the mushrooms – they’re hand-breaded and oh-so-good! 

Mugg-n-Pye – 125 W. Main Street 
Another pizza place? What can we say, tiny Monrovia is blessed with restaurant options! Mugg-n-Pye pizza is another great local option. I’ll let you decide which you prefer! 


Kathy’s Café – 159 W. Washington Street 
Small town dining does not get any better. Order up a tenderloin, beef and noodles or your preferred comfort food option, and don’t forget the homemade pie! Ask about seasonal specialties. 

Las Chalupas – 329 Highway 135 South 
Another authentic Mexican option, Morgantown’s Las Chalupas has a great atmosphere with an enormous fireplace – perfect for cozy winter dining! You can’t miss it, the entire building is bright orange. 


Tomato Pie Pizza Joint – 100 W. Union Street 
It is worth the drive to Paragon for this popular local pizza place. The breadsticks are simply incredible, the sandwiches are hot and tasty and the pizza pies are awesome. Their special family deal lets you feed a family of four for under $40!

Come N Git It Burger Soup
Gray Bros Fried ChickenMonrovia Grill TenderloinKathys Cafe Beef N NoodlesTomato Pie