This Friday, August 28th, 2020 will mark the 400th consecutive week of Taps on the Square in downtown Martinsville. Organized by Indiana Spirit of '45, a non-profit organization based in Martinsville, this weekly event has honored the nation's fallen heroes who have served, sacrificed and accomplished their earthly missions. Held at the Morgan County Courthouse flag pole at the corner of Main and Washington Streets, this is now an iconic weekly tradition in this small central-Indiana city, Taps is played each week, no matter what - each festival that takes place on the courthouse square accommodates the group and they come out in all kinds of weather. 

Taps on the Square during Fall Foliage Festival

Each and every Friday evening the group arrives on the downtown square at approximately 6:30 pm and beginning at exactly 6:55 pm, the names of military men and women recently killed in action, as well as local veterans and veterans from across the nation who have passed on are read aloud. Also included are POW/MIA soldiers recovered and identified by DPPA, any Rosie the Riveters as well as police officers and firemen. After the reading of the names, a moment of silence is held. Promptly on the seventh bell (7:00 pm), rolling Taps begins to echo out into the community, played by three buglers of Bugles Across America, stationed at various places nearby.  

Originally, the event began in December, 2012 as part of a nation-wide call to honor those killed at Sandy Hook Elementary for seven days at seven o'clock. Since that time, the Taps on the Square family in Martinsville, Indiana is the only group in the country who has continued to honor the fallen each and every week, without fail. The group has come out in extreme cold, snow, rain and even in the midst of thunderstorms. As always, they invite you to stand with them this Friday evening as they honor our heroes once again. 

In addition to being Mission #400 for Taps on the Square, this week also marks the 10 year anniversary of Indiana Spirit of '45. This organization is dedicated to passing on the "spirit" of the Greatest Generation, who served our nation during WWII. Their mission is to pass on that spirit of service and sacrifice to younger generations so that the Spirit of '45 will be alive forever. Find out more about the Indiana Spirit of '45 group on their website or follow them on Facebook for regular updates. 

**Photos in this post are from previously held events. If you plan to attend the 400th mission of Taps on the Square, please plan to practice social distancing and have a mask with you for situations where distancing is not possible.**