Looking for a great cup of gourmet coffee while you're in the Morgan County area? Want to buy local and support locally owned small business rather than large chains? Not a problem! We've got you covered with our list of the top locally owned coffee shops around. You can find great gourmet coffee flavors and more in Martinsville, Mooresville, Monrovia and Morgantown. (Not all shops are open seven days a week, so we do recommend that you call ahead or check Facebook pages for current hours.) 

Here's the scoop...

Locally Owned Coffee Shops

Bran 'n Shorts Coffee House, Mooresville
Located right on Main Street in Mooresville, this family-owned coffee house serves up coffee and espresso drinks, plus a wide variety of yummy baked goods. They've even got gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free items to choose from. Accompany your coffee with a slice of cake, pie, muffins, scones... even ice cream!

Brewed Awakenings Cafe, Morgantown
Even the tiny town of Morgantown has great coffee! This locally-owned coffee shop features more than just a cup of joe - they've also got breakfast items as well as lunch offerings. Don't miss their homemade soups on a chilly day. 

Farm House Brew, Monrovia
This popular local coffee shop in Monrovia offers up gourmet coffee in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, but that's not all! They've also got tasty daily specials including breakfast and lunch options like muffins and hearty soups! Check out their seasonal specialty drinks, too.   

The House, Mooresville
Another great option in Mooresville, The House is more than just a coffee bar. They also serve up breakfast, lunch and dinner! House favorites include Almond Joy and Cinnamon Roll Lattes, as well as all the standard flavors. 

The Local Grind, Martinsville
A recent addition to the area's local coffee shop scene, The Local Grind is located in downtown Martinsville at the corner of Morgan and Sycamore Streets. If you've never been - check them out soon. We've seriously never seen such an extensive menu... and there are lots of sugar free options, too, as well as fun non-caffeinated drinks for the kids (or anyone avoiding caffeine). 

Sara's Goodies, Martinsville
Located inside The Main Connection at 460 S. Main Street in Martinsville, this locally owned coffee and dessert bar offers a variety of fresh baked sweet treats, coffee and tea in a comfy space in the morning hours. The Main Connection is also home to the Morgan County Visitors Center, Martinsville Chamber of Commerce and Launch Martinsville cowork space, so it's a great place to stop during the week if you need directions, local info or a place to work for a bit. 

Urban Brew, Martinsville
Now open in downtown Martinsville! Urban Brew is another great local coffee spot, featuring a wide variety of specialty drinks, croffles (croissant + waffle) with various toppings, plus a fun place to take the kids on a rainy afternoon. That's right - this new, locally owned coffee shop on the north side of the Courthouse Square will also have an indoor play space! The play space is specifically designed for kids under 7 and you can check the online wait list before your arrive to ensure a minimal waiting time to access the play space. Fees for the play space start at only $6. Need quite in the morning? Don't worry - the play space doesn't open until 9 am to allow quite time for more traditional coffee drinkers in the early morning. 

Honorable Mentions:

Chunky Monkey Ice Cream, Mooresville
Okay, full disclosure - Chunky Monkey is not a coffee shop, but they do frequently serve up regular coffee and hot chocolate in addition to fun specialty floats featuring both beverages. (Yes, that's hot chocolate and coffee floats!) You can also snag a sweet treat while you're there - even if you don't want ice cream in your beverage. Located on State Road 67 in Mooresville. 

Hometown Nutrition, Martinsville & Mooresville Nutrition, Mooresville 
While not true coffee shops, many locals swear by the iced protein coffees at Hometown Nutrition in Martinsville and Mooresville Nutrition in Mooresville for providing that caffeine hit you need along with some nutritional value as well. Check them out for a wide a wide variety of full meal smoothies, energizing teams and more. 

Knead the Dough Bakery, Martinsville
While coffee is not the primary reason that so many people visit this popular Martinsville bakery, they do offer some fun specialty coffee drinks, as well as your standard cup o' Joe to accompany their many delectable treats. 

Martinsville Candy Kitchen, Martinsville
The Martinsville Candy Kitchen is also not exactly a coffee shop, but... they do have coffee. If you're not a fan of fancy coffee drinks and you're looking for a plain ol' cup of Joe, the Candy Kitchen may just fit the bill. They serve up regular coffee, hot chocolate and even milkshakes along with sugar cream pie and other sweet treats. (They even occasionally have a mocha flavored ice cream, so keep an eye out for that!)

The Peddler's Loft Cafe, Martinsville
Another honorable mention to The Peddler's Loft Cafe on Morgan Street in Martinsville. Just steps from the courthouse square, this cute deli style eatery features several specialty coffee drinks in addition to sandwiches, wraps, soups and dessert. 

Enjoy your coffee, and if you're in need of more than a quick caffeine fix, be sure to browse through our listings of locally owned restaurants as well. 


Last updated: 1/17/22