Martinsville, Indiana will have four minutes, six seconds of totality during the 2024 solar eclipse.
2024 Solar Eclipse

Experience the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse
in Morgan County, Indiana

The next total solar eclipse visible in North American will take place on Monday, April 8, 2024. The path of this solar eclipse will travel across the United States, from Texas to Maine. All of Morgan County lies within the path of totality for this rare astronomical event, with the City of Martinsville and the Town of Morgantown being closest to the path's centerline. Martinsville should see 4 minutes, 6 seconds of totality and Morgantown will see 4 minutes, 3 seconds of totality! This is very close to the longest period of totality throughout the state. Other communities in Morgan County will see 3 minutes, 50 seconds or more of totality. 

2024 Total Solar Eclipse Path through Indiana (Image from

A telescope will not be needed to view this event, though you will need proper safety eyewear to look at the sun before and after totality. Morgan County will be in totality beginning shortly after 3 pm EDT. It is safe to remove your eyewear during totality. 

To see exactly where the sun will be in the sky on the date of the 2024 eclipse, go outside on the first Monday in September, 2023 and look to the southwest. The sun should be about 45 degrees above the horizon. That's almost exactly where it will be on the date of the solar eclipse, making Labor Day weekend the perfect time to plan a scouting trip to Morgan County to choose your perfect viewing location!   

Designated Viewing Areas:

The Morgan County Fairgrounds will be a designated viewing area for the 2024 solar eclipse. They have a very limited number of campsites available to be rented for the event for those who would like to stay the weekend in an RV. Those driving in for the day are welcome to view the event at the Fairgrounds as well. Watch for more details about watching the eclipse at the Fairgrounds. 

Additional information and more designated viewing areas in Morgan County will be announced soon.
Watch our calendar for area events and specials for eclipse visitors as the date gets closer and more plans are made. 

Statewide Information:

Visit Indiana has a page dedicated to the 2024 Eclipse featuring information on viewing events throughout the state: Visit Indiana Eclipse Information

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources also has information about state recreational properties that are in the path of totality: IDNR Eclipse Information

Learn more about the complete path of the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse at